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Misha (Michael) Dutton trading as;

The Tsarina Imperial Dacha Company

Log Cabin, Log Home, Hutting Buildings and other bespoke timber products Manufacturer

Timber Frame Buildings, Post and Beam Buildings

"Putting The Environment Before Profit"

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Log Cabin and Log Home Designers from solid round log

Log Cabin Manufacturer and Log Home Manufacturer from solid round log

Log Builder from solid round log

Traditional Bespoke Scandinavian Hand Made Hot Tub Manufacturer

Traditional Bespoke Russian Banya (Russian Sauna) Manufacturer

Traditional Bespoke Scandinavian Sauna Manufacturer

Bespoke Barrel  Sauna Manufacturer

Bespoke Softwood Flooring Manufacturer - Sizes to client specification

Profiled Milled Timber Manufacturer

Decking Boards Made to Order

Solid Log Game and Wildlife Observation Shelters

Solid Log Pergolas

Solid Log Barbeque Shelters

Solid Log Smoking Shelter

Scottish Caber Manufacturer

Natural Linseed Oil Paints - Mixed by us to order

Linseed Oil Soap - Hand Made from 100% Natural Ingredients

Manufacturer of Natural Oil Wood Treatments and Wood Finishes

Supplier of natural oils and waxes



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Bespoke Log Cabin Design and Bespoke Log Home Designers

Bespoke Log Cabin Manufacturer

Bespoke Log Home Manufacturer

Bespoke Log Chalet Manufacturer

Bespoke Log Building Manufacturer

Bespoke Hand Made Hot Tubs - No electricity required - Wood Fueled

Bespoke Hand Made Sauna's and Banya (Russian style Sauna)

Bespoke Hand Made Barrel Sauna

Linseed Oil Soap Manufacturer from 100% Natural Ingredients - Hand Made

Bespoke Children's Log Cabins and Log Play Equipment

Bespoke Log Builder

Log Building Courses for the Self Build Enthusiast

Self Build Shells of Log Cabins and Log Homes produced to Order

Clay Pigeon Gun Racks and Safety Cages from Solid Log

Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, Teak Oil, Danish Oil, Bees Wax, Carnauba Wax, Bees Wax Car Polish, Bees Wax Floor Polish, Bees Wax Leather Treatment, Bees Wax Wood Finish

Wood Natural Oil Treatments made to order - Pigmented if required - Contains only 100% Natural Ingredients - A special blend of Natural Waxes, Natural Oils and Natural Pigments

Softwood Flooring made to order

Softwood timber milled to order

Round Timber poles made to order - Diameters from 150 mm to 400 mm

Bespoke Children's play equipment designed and manufactured from solid round log

Manufacture of tapered logs for Cabers for Highland Games

Solid Log Four Poster Bed

Log Home 1  Log Home 2


150 mm log Cabin erected in Ascot - Storm proof tiles fitted as standard

Skipton Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge Erected in Skipton, North Yorkshire

Thatched Log Cabin    Thatched Log Cabin 0002

Thatched Log Cabin with Glass Veranda Roof erected in Newton Mearns, Glasgow.

Click on pictures for larger view.

 We also mix our own Natural Oil Treatments for Outdoor and Indoor Timber Protection - This is made from 100% Natural Ingredients which are a special mix of Natural Oils, Natural Resins and Natural Waxes - These can also be mixed to order.

We can also supply Bees Wax, Carnauba Wax, Tung Oil, Raw Linseed Oil, Boiled Linseed Oil, Teak Oil, Danish Oil and various varnish mixes in concentrate form.

We also now manufacture to Order 100% Natural Linseed Oil Soap - Hand Made - Either Liquid or Solid plus other oil soaps, again liquid or solid.  These can be manufactured to order as well.

Where would you like your Log Cabin or Log Home?

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All of our Cabins, Log Homes and other timber products are produced from green energy derived from Hydro Power to run our machinery making our Log Cabins and Log Homes the greenest available on the market today.  We produce our own treatments using only 100% natural raw materials including Natural Oil Finishes in choices of colours with natural pigments.  We also manufacture our our Pine Tar to blend with our oil finishes for high grade exterior weather protection of the building.

Average price for a 2/3 Bedroom Log Home is around the £35,000 to £45,000 mark Ex Works and Ex VAT, plus transport and erection costs.  We do not undertake foundation/ground work although we do advise on this.  We also do not undertake plumbing or electrical installations.  This additional work normally works out far cheaper using tradesmen local to the clients location  which is a benefit to the clients local economy and employment.  We do offer an erection on site service should the client require this.  Clients are responsible for ensuring that there is electricity and water on site (electricity can be supplied from a generator, but must have voltage stabilisers fitted).  Client is also responsible for all scaffolding requirements on site and for any machinery needs for off loading lorry on delivery and for any lifting of larger roof logs.  Client is also responsible for the food and accommodation costs of the erection team during erection.

As a Log Building Company we design, manufacture and build bespoke Real Log Cabins, Log Homes or Log House (Dacha) and Log Chalet in Scotland, UK and Worldwide from locally sourced Scottish trees which we machine round to remove the taper and then carry out all jointing and notches. All our constructions are from solid round log with diameters of 150mm, 200mm (our standard size) and 300mm subject to client specifications. We do not supply imported small dimensional milled timber imitation log cabin kits that have an average life expectancy of around 25 years. All our Log Buildings have a life expectancy of around 150 years if maintained correctly. Maintenance of a Log Building is simple and low cost.  In line with International Log Building Standards the minimum specification for a Log Building to be classified fit for Residential Use, the Log Diameter must be no less than 200 mm in diameter.  Unlike other cabins supplied and erected in the UK, all our residential cabins are constructed in accordance with International Log Building Standards including the foundations and roof overhangs which are deigned to protect the log home or cabin from the elements.

All trees used in our builds are handpicked and harvested from forests in Scotland.  We also produce machine rounded log with lengths up to 9 meters and with diameters of up to 400 mm.

All Log Cabins and Log Homes or Log House (Dacha) are designed to our clients specific specifications, and once client approves the plans they are never used for another build, this makes your Log Cabin, Log Home or Log House (Dacha) a truly unique home and one of a kind. With this in mind, it also adds value to your new home should you ever decide to sell it in the future. One other benefit of our Log Building is that should you ever decide to buy land somewhere else in the future and you love your log home, you can simply have it disassembled and transported to the new site for reconstruction, and this makes moving home a new and easy low cost way of achieving it.  A recent survey has shown that properties that have imported small dimensional log cabin kits installed in the gardens can add 5% to the value of the property, but one of our cabins built from Solid Log installed in a garden can add up to 20% to the value of your property, thereby making it a very sound investment.

All our builds now have lightweight (up to 7 times lighter than conventional materials) storm proof roof tiles fitted as standard with a choice of colours and styles.  These tiles have been tested in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Ownership of the plans, copyright and design rights together with all other rights remain the sole property of The Tsarina Imperial Dacha Co Ltd and Michael Dutton - Designer.  The plans include all Floor Plans, Elevations, U Value Reports for Components and a Condensation Risk Analysis. (See about us page for more information regarding Ownership, Design and Copyright of the plans)

We can supply a Log Cabin or Log Home or Log House to anywhere in the World, but specialise in Scotland, UK and Europe.

The Log Cabin or Log Home or Log House would initially be constructed at our factory and then disassembled and transported to site for reassembly. We manufacture them this way to cause the absolute minimum disruption at our clientís site and the environment, and it also ensures a tight quality control over each and every build.

All our constructions can be built to Permanent Residency Standard with regards to insulation and can be used for either permanent residence or as a holiday home or holiday cabin. We can also supply alternative accommodation for hotels and other hospitality businesses. On average, a Log Cabin as a Holiday Cabin Rental can bring in revenues from £400 to £1,500 per week, so this make them an attractive investment as well as being environmentally friendly, especially when you consider that a Log Building will blend in no matter what the local environment is like. We can even design and build a mobile log cabin should you so desire, and our only limitation is our imagination.  A huge advantage of our log buildings is that they can be easily dismantled and transported to another site should the owner so wish, even our log houses which brings a new meaning to moving house.

Average build times are around 12 to 24 weeks and upwards at the factory, 1 week for transport, and approximately 1 to 6 weeks (dependant on size of cabin and work involved) to construct on site to weather tight finish.  Build times are dependent on the final design and the logs that arrive at our factory for processing.  As these are not "Off the Shelf Imitation Kits" and are Bespoke Hand Built Log Cabins and Log Homes, manufacture times vary from build to build.  However, at the end of the day what you get is a Real Log Cabin or Log Home and not an imported Imitation Kit with a high price tag and low life expectancy.  All our builds are designed, manufactured and assembled in accordance with International Log Building Standards.  All manufacture times are estimates, and whilst we try to achieve estimated manufacture times we cannot guarantee them.  Clients should bear in mind that these are not mass produced "Off the Shelf Kits" but are hand built Log Cabins and Log Homes.  We ask that you be patient during the manufacture of your Log Cabin or Log Home.  The manufacturing process can also be delayed by weather, machinery maintenance/breakdowns, staff illness and other factors.  As this is an outdoor process, sub-zero temperatures can not only freeze the logs (which means they cannot be processed), but can also prevent our specialised machinery from working correctly.

All our constructions are from built from Scottish trees from local forests. All trees are selected specially for each build and harvested as required. We provide an alternative and low cost housing solution which means affordable housing to all. Log buildings are not only a Green Building in relation to the environment, but are energy efficient, come from sustainable sources, a carbon neutral building and a benefit to the environment that they are built in. Log buildings have been around for thousands of years, and the oldest one in existence today is in Norway and is over 900 years old and still occupied (not by the original builders). Log buildings have and are still in use in some of the most inhospitable places on our planet and have proven their worth totally. They are earthquake proof, and there are reports in America of Log Buildings having been lifted by tornados, carried 1 1/2 miles, dropped back to earth and with no structural damage having occurred other than the log building is facing the wrong direction.

As Log Builders, we build from various species of trees, but all from the Pine or Spruce families. We can supply hardwood floors and many other extras, but this would obviously affect the price structure. All complete structure come with double glazing unless only a shell is required by the client. Each build can be built to suit the clients exact supply requirements, from just the rounded logs for the walls to a complete weather tight finish.

Trees that we build with include, but not limited to;

Sitka Spruce, Noble Fir, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine, Douglas Fir, Larch, Lodge Pole pine and many others, although Scotlandís main harvested tree is the Sitka Spruce, which together with the Noble Fir are the 2 strongest pine/spruce in relation to strength to weight ratios and were traditionally used to build aircraft or used in sailing masts for ships as well as log homes and cabins.  Generally all our builds are from Larch which are well suited for Log Construction coupled with the natural Red colour and character of the grain of the timber.

With our ability to supply Scotland, the UK, Europe and anywhere else in the world with low cost housing that is affordable housing to all, energy efficient, carbon neutral building, long life expectancy (with correct maintenance - low cost and easy to carry out), bespoke and from sustainable sources makes most peopleís dreams of owning a Log Home more realistic and possible.

Did you know that if you sited a small dimensional milled timber imported Log Cabin in your garden it can add up to 5% to the value of your property, yet if you sited one of our solid Log Cabins in the garden it could increase the value of your property by up to 20%, which again makes it a very worthwhile investment, especially when you consider the life expectancy of one our cabins (up to 150 years if maintained correctly) as opposed to 25 years to a small dimensional milled timber imported kit (if maintained correctly).

Below are examples and ideas of what can be constructed from solid round log other than Log Homes

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Large Picnic Bench

Log Bridge

Gun Rack for Shooting Clubs

Picnic Bench

Kiddies Cabin

Garden Office Cabin

Picnic Bench with Roof

Children's Log Cabin

Shooting Safety Cage for Clay Pigeon Shooting

Log Dog Kennel

Garden Shelter/Observation Cabin


What is a Real Log Cabin, Real Log Home or Real Log House:

Energy Efficient

Green and environmentally friendly

Built from solid log with the heart still in it

Minimum diameter of 200 mm for Permanent Residence - In compliance with Log International Building Standards

Long Average Life Expectancy (if correctly maintained)

Low Cost Housing

Affordable Housing

Healthy Living (Mentally and Physically)



Adaptable and versatile

A tourist attraction

Strong and durable


Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Carbon Neutral Building

Low cost maintenance

              Our Other Bespoke Products Include, but not limited to:

Log Building Courses for Self Build Enthusiast - Contact us for more information

Machine Rounded Timber from 150mm Diameter to 350 mm Diameter (Notched and predrilled if necessary)

400 mm machine rounded timber (We do not currently carry out notching of this diameter)

Hot Tub



Horse Jumps

Solid Round Timber Sailing Masts, Booms, Spa's etc, up to 9 meters in length

Round Timber Fencing Strainer Posts

Round Timber Gate Posts

Bespoke Round Timber Garden Furniture

Solid Log Four Poster Bed from Round Timber

Solid Round Log Timber Stairs

Flag Poles (9 meters in length)

Telegraph Poles

Solid Log Stables

Log Fort - Residential size - We can also produce a children's version

Log Castle with turrets - Residential size - We can also produce a children's version

Traditional Finnish Kota Cabin (Six sided cabin) - from full or half log.

Solid Log Hunting Lodge

Solid Log Fishing Lodge

Solid Log Bothy (Scottish Forest or Mountain Shelter or Cottage)

Solid Log Mountain Lodge

Solid Log Shelter

Solid Log Animal Hide or Log Observation Hide

Solid Log Garden Cabin

Solid Log Granny Annex Cabin

Solid Log Garage or Log Garage with upstairs office area

Solid Log Guest Accommodation

Solid Log Sauna

Solid Log Spa

Solid Log Office Space

Solid Log Store

Solid Log Retail Shop

Solid Log Bus Shelter

Animal Bedding (Shavings)

Garden Mulch (Shavings)

Insulation - Wood Fibre Loose Infill (Shavings)

Half log timber cladding

Solid Log Club House

Solid Log Community buildings

Log Gun Racks for Shooting Ranges and Clay Pigeon Shoots

Log Shooting Safety Cage for Clay Pigeon Shoots


Natural Oil Finishes

Pigmented Natural Oil

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